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What are CLEO gummies?

CLEO gummies combine hemp-derived CBD and/or Delta-8 with a delicious, fruity gummy. 

We love gummies – they provide all of the wellness benefits of hemp, and they’re extremely convenient. 

  • CLEO gummies are delicious, and are easier to swallow than capsules or tinctures
  • CLEO gummies are fully portable and won’t spill in your bag
  • Each CLEO gummy has a consistent dosage – no weighing, measuring, or guessing required
  • CLEO gummies can be split into smaller doses easily
More reasons why we think CLEO gummies are great ↓

Delicious flavors

We tested our natural fruit flavors until we were sure that we got them right. Our satisfied customers agree!

Reliable dosage

The greatest benefit of consuming in gummy form is that each gummy is reliably dosed. No guessing involved.

Portable and discreet

CLEO gummies are packaged in discreet, durable, portable, child-resistant (and recyclable) tins. Keep CLEO wherever you need it.

Highest quality inputs

Our gummies are 100% hemp-derived, naturally vegan and gluten-free, and made with all natural ingredients.

Every batch is lab tested

We send a sample from every batch of CLEO gummies to a DEA certified lab to confirm dosage and consumer safety.

CLEO gives back

CLEO donates 3% of profits to organizations supporting social equity in the cannabis industry.

How will CLEO gummies make me feel?

We make three gummies – EASE, BLISS, and FLOW – each formulated with different functional ingredients. 

EASE has a CBD-only formulation that will have you feeling like your best self without any intoxicating side effects

BLISS contains both CBD and Delta-8 to provide full body relaxation with a mild, clear-headed lift.

FLOW has a Delta-8 only formulation that will bring on a gentle buzz and feelings of euphoria and relaxation.e

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How can I use CLEO gummies?

It’s totally up to you! Here are some ways we like to use CLEO


Soothe sore joints & muscles; relieve cramps and inflammation; unwind before bed; improve quality of rest; relax muscles before a workout; ease stress; start the day calm and focused

BLISS (CBD + Delta-8)

Relieve more serious inflammation, pain, and soreness; settle in for a good nap; relax in front of the tv with a slight buzz. 

BLISS gummies won’t make you feel “high” in an out-of-control way, but they will give you a gentle buzz. 

FLOW (Delta-8)

Offset more serious inflammation, pain, or restlessness; watch a good movie; eat a great meal; get outside and enjoy nature

FLOW gummies will definitely give you a gentle high, so only take FLOW if you know you won’t be driving or operating any machinery

How do CLEO gummies work?

The CBD and Delta-8 found in CLEO gummies interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Everyone has an ECS, regardless of whether you consume cannabis or not. 

The ECS is full of receptors that bind to CBD and Delta-8 molecules. When these receptors are activated, the ECS gets to work. 

Clinical research on the ECS is still relatively new, so we’re still learning about it. For now, we know that the ECS plays a role in many different bodily processes, such as hormone production, inflammation, sleep, mood, and memory.

This was just too short of an explanation. To learn more about your body’s ECS, click here or here

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Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

Hemp produces a broad range of naturally occurring chemical compounds called cannabinoids. CBD (short for cannabidiol) is one of many cannabinoid compounds produced by the hemp plant.

CBD is known for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties, and is non-intoxicating, so you won’t feel “high” after consuming.

Like CBD, Delta-8 (delta-8-tetrahydracannabinol) is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. 

However, unlike CBD, Delta-8 is mildly psychoactive, and can cause some feelings of euphoria, stress-relief, general mood uplift, and/or relief from symptoms such as pain, inflammation, nausea, insomnia, or loss of appetite.

While CBD is not tested for in routine drug screenings, Delta-8 may show up in a routine drug screening, despite being federally legal.  

Though CLEO Ease gummies only contain CBD, there may be trace amounts of THC that may show up on the most sensitive drug screenings. 

To simplify – if you believe you may be subject to a drug test, it’s best not to take CLEO gummies. We cannot guarantee that you will pass a drug test if you take CLEO gummies.

Yes! All CLEO products are tested for dosage and consumer safety at a DEA-certified lab. Lab results are available on our website

We ship CLEO Ease within the United States.

Though hemp is federally legal, some states have implemented state-level restrictions. Please refer to individual product pages to see where each CLEO product can ship!